2 min readThe Google Pixel 6a display may be capable of operating at 90Hz.

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The recently announced Google Pixel 6a has received a lot of attention in recent weeks, thanks in part to the several bargains that have come with purchasing this phone.

The mid-range phone provides a lot of value for the money, but it appears that it may provide even more.

By displaying a Pixel 6a running at 90Hz, Twitter user TheLunarixus aimed to shock the Pixel community this morning. This is noteworthy mostly since Google has not announced this as a feature and the phone runs at 60Hz by default.

So, you might wonder, how is this possible? The Samsung display on the Pixel 6a is similar to the one on the Pixel 6, as our own Adam Conway pointed out in our review of the Google Pixel 6a. Given that the Pixel 6 display operates at 90Hz, this is significant.

Knowing this, one might infer that since the display can operate at 90Hz, the Pixel 6a can as well. Therefore, TheLunarixus has demonstrated that this is doable with some software ruse. Of course, some people might be dubious, but the good news is that Esper’s Mishaal Rahman has offered his opinion.

He did point out that there are some serious cautions even though the discovery appears to be genuine. Rahman claimed that despite numerous attempts, his Pixel 6a was unable to correctly display at 90Hz. He also says that even if it does work in the future, improvements will be required, so people shouldn’t get their expectations up. However, he doubts that it will be doable.

It is only a proof of concept for now, and there will probably be a lengthy road ahead. Rahman clarifies that while the Pixel 6a and Pixel 6 may use the same display controller but not the same screen due to their different sizes.

The Google Pixel 6a running at 90Hz would be fantastic, but it doesn’t appear like this will happen anytime soon. However, it’s intriguing to know that there are efforts being made.

Original Sources: XDA DevelopersMishaal Rahman (Twitter), TheLunarixus (Twitter)

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