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The Discover performance report in Google Search Console was disrupted by a data recording error that Google experienced.

This happened on July 26, 2022, and it might have a negative impact on the quantity of clicks and impressions that Google recorded.

This was only a reporting error, and it had no bearing on your rankings or exposure.

the problem. On July 26, Google stated that “site owners may experience a decline in their Discover clicks and impressions during this period owing to a logging mistake.

There has not been a decline in real views or clicks; this is merely a logging issue.

Issue only being reported. Once more, this had no influence on your visibility in Google Discover; there was only a reporting and data logging problem.

Therefore, while it might have seemed like you noticed a decrease in visibility, the problem was actually with Google’s reporting engine.

This screenshot demonstrates the annotation Google added to the report:

source: searchengineland.com

Fixing soon? It seems like the data is gone and you will just have to annotate the date and continue because there does not seem to be a patch on the way to replace it.

Discover is difficult. Remember that Google Discover traffic is quite erratic, so experiencing sharp increases or sharp decreases in your Discover clicks and impressions is common.

Therefore, no marketer or SEO will be able to easily reverse-engineer the loss of this data.

why it matters to us. When giving your client these reports, it’s critical that you understand and convey this to your clients, boss, stakeholders, etc.

Consequently, be essential to mention these difficulties when presenting the chart to others after Google annotated it for you.

Source: Search Engine Land

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